The County Counselors Association of Kansas (CCAK) was founded and organized on October 14, 1994, as a voluntary association of dedicated municipal law practitioners with a vision for a statewide association for the mutual benefit and cooperation of county counselors and attorneys interested in the general betterment of municipal legal services and administration in counties of Kansas. The CCAK incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 2016. 

The CCAK is governed by a Board of Directors of up to 15 members that is elected by, and from amongst, its regular voting membership.  Directors are elected to one-year terms annually.

The officers of the CCAK consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and the Immediate Past-President, who serves as an ex officio officer.  All officers -- other than the Immediate Past-President -- are selected by, and from amongst, the Directors of the Board at its annual meeting, and hold office for a term of one year.

The CCAK holds two regular meetings of its membership each year, an annual meeting and a mid-year meeting.  The annual meeting of the CCAK occurs in the late fall and is generally held in conjunction with the annual conference of the Kansas Association of Counties. It is at the annual meeting that Directors are elected to serve on the Board.  The CCAK’s mid-year meeting is held in June.  Both meetings include a continuing legal education program approved by Kansas Continuing Legal Education.

The CCAK is an affiliate member of the Kansas Association of Counties (KAC).  As a KAC affiliate, the CCAK is represented on the KAC Governing Board. Craig Cox, County Counselor to Riley County, is the current CCAK representative to the KAC Board.

The organization's original controlling documents were a Constitution and bylaws. In 2016, the organization incorporated, and now has Articles of Incorporation on file with the Kansas Secretary of State and new amended Bylaws.

CCAK 2022-2023 Executive Officers

James Emerson, Crawford County

Vice President 
Elizabeth Baskerville-Hiltgen, Washington County

Ryan Haga, Johnson County

Brian Johnson, Labette County

CCAK Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the CCAK are governed by its Board of Directors.  The Board is comprised of nine to fifteen members and the Executive Secretary, who serves as an ex officio member of the Board. Each Director must represent a county member of the CCAK. To the extent possible, the Board represents a county located within each of the highway districts in Kansas. Directors are elected by the full voting membership of the CCAK at its annual meeting. The term of office for Board Directors is one year. 


District 1

Craig Cox – Riley County

Ryan Haga – Johnson County

Clancy Holeman – Riley County

Peg Trent – Johnson County

Wendy Green – Wyandotte County


District 2

Elizabeth Baskerville Hiltgen – Washington County

Bill Kassebaum – Morris County


District 3

Charles Moser – Sherman County

Craig Uhrich – Logan County


District 4

James Emerson – Crawford County

Brian Johnson – Labette County


District 5

Justin Waggoner – Sedgwick County

Kirk Sponsel – Sedgwick County

Patrick Hoffman – Barton County


District 6

Glenn Kerbs – Ford County