Alcohol Retail Establishment: Approving Operation of Existing Establishment
Alcohol Sales: Allowing Sunday Sales
Alcohol: Sale of Kegs
Alcoholic Liquors and Cereal Malt Beverages Hours of Operation


Animals, Biting
Animals, Dangerous
Vicious Animals Prohibition


Adult Sexually Oriented Businesses
Dairy Production
Door to Door Solicitations
No Sale of Goods on County Property


Court Cost; Booking Fees


Human Resources Dept., Creation of


Consolidation Commission Question on the Ballot
Election for Consolidating Law Enforcement

Emergency Services

Disaster Emergency
Fire District: An Agreement Between County and Fire District
Fire District Board of Trustees
Fire District Boundary Change
Fire District Establishment
Fire District Membership
Fire District (Rural) Affidavit for Board of Trustees
Firefighting Service Contract
Mutual Aid in Emergencies


Confidentiality Employee and Patient Health Care Information Guidelines
Employee Payroll Deduction Plans
Employee Use of Firearms
Restricting Employees from Purchasing at Tax Sale


Fence Viewing


Firearm Discharge (1)
Firearm Discharge (2)
Firearms in the Courthouse Prohibition
Employee Use of Firearms


Freedom of Information Officer Appointment


Inmate: Recouping Per Diem Costs
Inmate Work Release Fees
Jail: Building Fund for Construction
Jail Inmate Co-Payment System


Appraiser Appointment
Appraiser: Hiring
Attorney Salary
Commissioners: Change Number of Members
County Administrator
County Administrator Duties
County Clerk, Transfer of Duties
County Clerk, Transfer of Accounts Payable
County Commissioner as Housing Advisor


Land Surveyor Contract
Surplus Property Disposition


Burning Ban
Burning: Open Burning (1)
Burning: Open Burning (2)
Fireworks Restrictions
Fireworks Restrictions (2)
Fireworks Restrictions (3)
Identity Theft Prevention
Loitering by Minors Prohibition
Maximum Speed Limit
Noise Limits
Smoking Prohibition

Public Health and Welfare

Order to Remain in Quarantine
Order to Seek Evaluation and Treatment
Public Gathering Prohibition or Restriction
Recycling Program

Public Services

Library Board
Library Mill Levy

Renewable Resources

Wind Farm Notification


Booking Fees
Capital Improvement Fund
Complaints to be Issued Against the Offender Processing Fees
Fingerprint and Processing Fee
Inactive Fund Balance Transfer to the General Fund
Retail Sales Tax
Tax: Collection of Unpaid Taxes
Tax Increase: Draft Resolution for Budget Year 2001
Tax Removal of Rock-n-Gravel
Township Responsibility Transfer to the County


Commercial Vehicle Restriction
Commercial Vehicles (Out of County) on Certain Roads Prohibition
DOT Project Adoption
Minimum Maintenance for Roads (1)
Minimum Maintenance for Roads (2)
Minimum Maintenance Guidelines for Counties and Townships
Road Benefit District
Roads Designated as Throughways: Prohibition for Certain Vehicles
Section 125 Plan Adoption
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