Fire District: An Agreement Between County and Fire District


This agreement made and entered into on this _____ day of January 1999 between the Board of County Commissioners of Lyon County, Kansas hereinafter called “the Commission”, and Rural Fire District #5, hereinafter called “the Fire District”, both located for all purposes in Lyon County, Kansas.

WHEREAS, the Fire District is desirous of having the Lyon County Sheriff’s office cause the sirens in Neosho Rapids, Kansas and Hartford, Kansas to be sounded in case of a fire call on the 911 emergency system; and

WHEREAS, the Lyon County Sheriff’s office needs to be certain that the sirens have sounded and fire equipment dispatched accordingly.

The parties agree as follows:

The Fire District will provide an unlisted telephone line to the fire station at Hartford for the use of the Lyon County Sheriff’s office in sounding the sirens.

The Fire District will pay the monthly cost and any installation fees for said line.

The Fire District will have the equipment tested as often as is necessary, but in no case less than weekly. A test is not required if the equipment has properly functioned with the preceding three days. The Fire District will request the test from the Sheriff’s office and will initiate the call. To request the test, the Sheriff’s Department telephone number will be used, not the 911 emergency line, the Sheriff’s Department telephone number being ___ ___ ____.

The Sheriff’s office is responsible for sounding only the sirens at Neosho Rapids and at Hartford, not the sirens at Jacob’s Creek or any other sirens that Fire District #5 may install.

The County will provide the equipment at the Hartford fire station end of the line going to the Fire District’s electronic equipment to sound the two sirens previously mentioned. The property provided by the County will remain the property of the County.

The Fire District agrees that in the event of a fire call to the Lyon County Sheriff’s office that the Fire District will notify the Sheriff’s office immediately that the sirens have sounded. Further, that if no response is received by the Lyon County Sheriff’s office, then the Lyon County Sheriff’s office will contact an adjoining fire district currently under the mutual aid agreements with Fire District #5.

Fire District #5 agrees to hold the County harmless for any damage that Lyon County may suffer as a result of this agreement. Gross negligence only being the exception.

Both parties covenant and agree that this agreement may be terminated at any time during the agreement by either side giving notice to the other party sixty (60) days in advance of the termination. Further, both parties agree that this agreement shall be a year-to-year agreement, however, should the agreement not be terminated at the end of the year, will continue for another twelve month period for a total period not to exceed three (3) years at which time a formal agreement to continue by both parties shall be required.

This agreement covers only fire and EMS calls. The Fire District understands that at the present time there will be no cost for the sounding of the sirens by the Lyon County Sheriff’s office; however, this may change during the agreement and should the same change, the Fire District will be given sufficient time so that it can budget under the laws of the State of Kansas for such change.

This agreement shall be binding upon the successors in interest of the respective parties hereto.

____________________________                            ______________________________

Chairman                                                                      Chairman

Rural Fire District #5                                                    Board of County Commissioners

                                                                                    Lyon County, Kansas Association of Counties